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Back in the summer of 2019 we began our in-depth exploration of alcohol free craft beers. Struggling to find a single shop where we could get all of the AF beers we wanted, we decided to open our own. We took it upon ourselves to source all of the best alcohol free craft beers we could find from around the world and sell them to UK customers via a single website - what a novel idea!

While running this site - named Crafty AF at the time - our quest to find the perfect AF brew often left us wanting more. We felt the world was being shortchanged; there wasn’t a brewery that emanated truly craft alcohol free beer, and there were so many beer types left unexplored. It was from this realisation that Lowtide Brewing Co was born.

Combining stellar can artwork, a sense of crafty defiance and deliciously different alcohol free beer, Lowtide Brewing Co seeks to bring true craft beer to the world of alcohol free.

At Lowtide, our goal is simple: create unique beers with unique artwork and unrivalled flavour.

We think it’s pretty simple, and we aim to keep it that way. 

Rob & Dave

About us

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