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New American Wheat Beer!!!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

We've always thought the UK AF wheat beer scene was seriously lacking and heavily relied on German imports; that's why brewing our own was high on our priority list.

We didn't want to produce just any wheat beer though, so we've smashed this beautiful part-pale part-wheat beer full to the brim with Moteuka, Sorachi Ace & Lemondrop hops, complemented with subtle notes of coriander and orange peel. It's an incredible drop!

We've teamed up with our friends Matt & Stu over at Wolf Music Records to provide a 10 hour mega mix for our American Wheat beer on our Spotify account! It's an incredible in depth exploration of American Music from Blues to Soul Steppers & Disco to Chicago House. Just scan the QR code on our can to access. There's also a much more condensed version on their Soundcloud if 10 hours sounds a touch long...

Here's a little piece about the mix from the boys:

"Visiting the USA - everything feels highly-charged; there's an intensity, a pulse, a vibrancy, all on a scale that is uniquely American. This is enhanced to intoxicating levels, if like us, music is your rush. We idolise the USA's iconic artists, bands, studios, venues, clubs, scenes, record shops and labels, and dream of getting close enough to experience some of their magic for ourselves.

Much of the music was born from struggle, exploitation, resistance and cultural oppression. It's the land of the free, but freedom proved to be granted on a sliding scale for many. For this playlist we have used house music as our lens, we wanted a sonic journey that told a story. You can't talk house without acknowledging its building blocks such as gospel, blues, jazz, soul, disco and everything in between. The dots that connect those genres to house are borne from the cultural shifts America has been through. It is Black music. It is music for the marginalised. It is their stories we champion. We aren't trying to give a definitive list or argue which are the best tracks from a genre - that's too subjective - but we hope that this playlist captures some of the twists and turns in house music's evolution."

Grab a can and let us know what you think of the beer and the mix.

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