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Welcome to the Lowtide blog!

It's been a wild ride since we officially launched Lowtide right at the beginning of this year; we never anticipated (although we always hoped) the level of success we've had in such a short time. It's been fantastic to see the amount of love and excitement for our beers and so reassuring that what we thought was lacking in the alcohol free world was indeed the case.

We've absolutely loved pumping out new and interesting beers in the much loved 440ml sized cans pairing them with beautiful artwork thanks to our good friend and artist John Miles. Its all we ever wanted to see in the AF beer world and we are so stoked we are able to embody our passion for craft beer into Lowtide.

We've also released a number of collabs, which we've loved doing, with our friends over at Electric Bear and C84. All of these have been boundary pushing and so well received which made it so difficult to make the decision to recall the triple berry gose we just released (we're looking to find some space to re brew this).

Literally every day has been a learning curve and we wouldn't change it for the world, we've got some incredibly exciting stuff to announce that's so close to being ready.

We can't wait to share what we have in store for you all and we aren't looking at stopping releasing banging beers anytime soon.

Rob & Dave

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